Jamie Bakal, Educational Consultant

Jamie Bakal

Educational Consultant


As an educator and native Los Angeleno, Jamie Bakal has had her fingers on the pulse of Los Angeles’ ever-changing educational environment for the past 20 years. An alumna of the prestigious Oakwood School, Jamie continued her studies at Boston University and pursued a career in education with the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Jamie was an educator for many years at Westwood Charter School with a focus on primary elementary education. Her extensive involvement in creating new curricula and working with parents to get the best out of their children has given her insights into the young student’s mind. Jamie is keenly aware of the importance of creating a positive school experience where each individual child can thrive. Additionally, Jamie recognizes the significance of finding a suitable environment to help a student succeed both academically and socially.

Jamie’s extensive research of private schools as well as her background in understanding children’s needs provide families with a broad range of experience in education. From elementary through high school, she is committed to providing clients with the individual attention necessary to ensure that every child’s educational environment meets his/her needs.