Selecting The Right School For Your Child

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We all want the best education for our kids–but sometimes accessing it is a puzzle. Magnet schools, charter schools, public versus private etc. LA-based educational consultant Jamie Bakal joins Linda on this episode, breaking down how to select the right school for your child. In addition to covering the pluses and minuses of each type of school, Jamie also shares the importance of getting—not just the right academic—but the right social fit; how some colleges are putting the breaks on considering a plethora of AP classes, which they see as purely about memorization; and the rise of progressive, project-based or “hands on learning.” Plus, why we need to rewire our kids’ brains to teach them that success (and the ultimate goal) is not about money.
Jamie worked for 6 years as an elementary school  teacher and during that time she became keenly aware of how important selecting the right environment plays into getting an excellent education. Today Jamie counsels families so that they can select schools where their child can succeed both academically and socially.